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Obama: The preferred media, but not on
Wall Street


The October 2012 edition of Alpha magazine (1), has as its cover story, President Barack Obama, titled “11 Lessons for Obama to solve problems.” When browsing the threads of these “lessons” we see some common sense suggestions like “know what you’re talking about,” “never lose your head” or “avoid sycophants.” With the exception of unquestionable: “preserve family life,” the best of all, no more, nothing innovative ….
This is another of the many examples that the Brazilian and international press – despite the poor performance of the U.S. economy over the past four years – have tried to use to turn the U.S. president a “icon”. Both in this case, as in many others, as they say in Brazil, the media is “forcing” trying to take the very little …
Quite different is the treatment given to the candidate opponent, Republican Mitt Romney, who is often ridiculed and presented as a setback. It is no exaggeration to say that the press, “twists” for Obama, and in a special way, the TV news, presenting rallies the Democratic nominee for “climate of World Cup”, as if the viewer were Brazilian American citizen …
Enough to sound surreal, “O Estado de São Paulo” newspaper much rejected by the Brazilian socialists and seen as “conservative,” published an article by Jonathan Weisman (NY Times) (2), which presents a negative way, attempting to Mitt Romney during the Republican convention, to show yourself as an American of humble origin and identify with immigrants and various ethnic groups, but that is actually a “millionaire”. Now, being a millionaire is not in itself a good thing or a bad thing, but the strange thing is that a newspaper historically not fit the Marxist ideology, agree with this idea: “careful, he’s a millionaire” ….
Another newspaper, more faithful to his profile please readers left, “Folha de São Paulo”, goes further and further embraces the cause of “Yes, we Can”, saying … “Two catastrophic scenarios threaten U.S. election “(3) …. Now the scenario “catastrophic” in the story of Patricia Campos Mello, are the possibility of Romney win, sometimes the popular vote in the Electoral College now … Romney win: Catastrophe? Why?
The examples continue: “Daddy Romney knows everything” (4) – This, again the “Estado” ridiculing McCain for considering it antiquated. Another: “In the final stretch, breathe new life into the Democratic campaign” (5) – In an expression almost football as a team approaching the leadership in the Brazilian league, so praises the “Economic Value” of Obama’s performance in the second debate …
At this point, we can understand that judging by the press, the Democrats are the “good” and the Republicans, “evil.” Barack Obama, an “angel,” and Mitt Romney, has horns, a pitchfork and pointed tail has a …
And Romney?

Romney: nearest values ​​of family and firm hand
to command the Economy

Is a candidate more sympathetic to American Christians, not so much for their religion: is Mormon, but their positions more restrictive abortion, although accepted in specific cases such as rape, something that Christianity does not tolerate, because it believes abortion “intrinsically bad “, ie: there is no” good abortion. ” Together with the fact of being against the policies of Barack Obama, and be promoter of a more liberal on economics, is considered by many voters as a “lesser evil” ….
Making a work of “mining” in the newspapers, we gather statements quite strong and lucid in favor of the Republican candidate, although not receive due prominence. A brief interview on “State” (6), with vocalist Genne Simmons of rock band Kiss, depicts this situation precisely:
Estado – I heard you vote for Mitt Romney said recently, saying that Obama was a disappointment for you …
Simmons – I’m not sure. I voted for Obama, but he does not dominate the world of commerce. Romney is a businessman, is able to improve education, create jobs. I wish now to see what candidates have to say to decide. He has done a good campaign, shows that people now have a choice. I’m still deciding.
Estado – Mitt Romney is Mormon. That does not put religion in the middle of politics? It is not complicated?
Simmons – The two most important things, which are the priority right now, jobs are and how to make the country safe. The rest can be discussed later.
Much more incisive, was the testimony of actor and director Clint Eastwood-author of the famous “speech empty chair” and voter declared Romney, in an interview with Luis Carlos Merten – Notebook 2 of the “State” (7):
Estado – You have supported the candidacy of Mitt Romney for President of the U.S., why?
Clint – “I do not want to be offensive with Obama, but with it, America and the world go adrift. Like it or not people abroad, America is the military and economic power. One can not bend. Obama’s policies are social. Many state intervention for my taste. I’m against interventionism. I hate it when the studio has to tell me what I gotta do. I come from a family that has difficulties and even hunger, depression of the 30s. My father never expected the government to come save us. He worked hard and taught us never to rely on others. A country is like a house. We need a good cleaning, and who can do it is Romney. ‘
And Wall Street agrees with Simmons and Eastwood: (8)
“The usefulness is limited for Obama at this point. Although stocks are rising, wages are falling, GDP growth has been anemic and unemployment remains high “- in the opinion of Andy Laperniere, head of the political analysis of the practice of ISI Group.
“The market wants Romney, period. The financial market professionals recognize that stocks are doing well, but the vast majority of these people are convinced that the market is rising despite Obama, not because of him …. “adds Greg Valliere of Potomac Pesearch.
It can be said that the press and the financial market are not speaking the same language. The press is steeped in ideology, and has exerted a strong influence on public opinion in the U.S. and worldwide …
Not the Economy, Stupid …
The American economy is bad and Obama is not a unanimous vote. Despite the “election effort” of the American press and world, we can say that the electoral performance of Obama is very weak. With a framework, it would be reasonable that if you wanted to change that if he chose Romney. It turns out that the “change” part of American society and the media want, already happened and occupies the White House: Barack Hussein Obama.
If it is truth or myth that Louis XIV said “I am the State,” Obama may well say “I’m changing”.
In practical terms, it can be said that economic growth and job creation, it is not the primary motivation of supporters of Barack Obama, and yes, the fact that the current U.S. president, to assume a position of changing values ​​of the path of secularization American society in which religious values ​​are left aside giving way to political criteria to define what is lawful or unlawful in the actions of citizens and governments. For decades the U.S. has been presented as a model of a developed country, now wants the U.S. to be a model of “secular society and satisfied.” Thus, the definition of marriage, the consolidation of “alternative forms” of family, the right to life and religious freedom itself, are being discussed by political consensus criteria under the umbrella of “democracy.” The values ​​of Christian morality under which the American nation was based, are left out. The “right” and “wrong”, would depend on political consensus ….
There is a very interesting part of the movie Magnum 44 (Magnum Force, 1973 – USA), in which the detective detective Harry Callahan – played by Clint Eastwood – arguing with a coworker about the secret and illegal action of some police officers who decided to make justice into their own hands by running the crime bosses in the city. In a passage of dialogue, a character cites the “Bomb Squad” who worked in Brazil as an example and says that if we allow people to act on their own, we will end up killing someone because they passed the red light .. (signal transit)
And which parameter Detective Callahan? The Law
What is the parameter of the law? The fundamental values ​​of a society.


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